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LANG CHEMIE is a private, family owned Austrian company founded in 1955. All of our companies have 100% own capital and never had any bank credits. All properties are also 100% owned without any mortgages. We are supplying presently more than 20 major oil companies (national and international) in and outside Europe.

LANG CHEMIE manufactures a broad range of chemical specialties in two Austrian production plants. In Braunau/Inn predominately products for mineral oils, fats/oils/waxes, a broad range of biodegradable oils, additives for gasolines, diesel / heating fuels and residual oil as well as all that materials be to delivered in tank trucks are made. In Mauerbach/Vienna all types of bottled additives, cleaners and specialties (as e.g. Biocides, Anti-scaling Agents, Anti-corrosion Agents a.s.o.) are the main products.

Further Lang Chemie has Joint Ventures in other European Countries. In Germany LANG CHEMIE owns 100% of CHEMOIL GESMBH / Munich. All chemicals produced were developed in the laboratories of LANG CHEMIE, which holds also international patents granted for their formulations. Research, optimization and control of products are carried out in close cooperation with the Technical Universities and independent institutes as well as international partners. LANG CHEMIE has quite close relationships to local communities in several countries and supplies them with e.g. cleaners and various other products. Since decades public organizations, utilities and industry are customers of LANG CHEMIE. Especially for big industrial partners/traders LANG CHEMIE manufactures a broad range of products based on company derived formulations but packed under the brand of the resp. customer. All technical and safety documentation for these products also are worked out by LANG CHEMIE.

The success of LANG CHEMIE products is based on flexibility and continuous supervision of technical and environmental demands. Accordingly adaption of products / formulations, concepts and acting as problem solver for customers have high priority.

Furthermore LANG CHEMIE optimises / develops products for special demands based on its skills acquired in decades of practical experience. The concept of LANG CHEMIE is dynamic force with proven background.

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