Additives for gasoline


V-Guard is an additive for lead free gasoline based on environmental friendly organic potassium cmpounds. 
V-Guard replace the protective properties of lead to the exhaust valve seats of engines not equipped with hardened valve seats. Due to this, all cars which have to be operated with leaded fuel up to now can use lead free gasolines in combination with V-Guard without the risking premature attrition of exhaust valve seats.

V-Guard is compatible / mixable with all lead free gasolines.

The recommended dosing rate of V-Guard (see the scale on the dosing head) is 10 ml per 10 liter lead free gasoline (1:1000). Under heavy driving conditions (e.g. full loaded car, frequent use of high ways) the dosing rate should be doubled. 


The correct dosing is 1 part V-Guard per 1000 parts of lead free gasoline

release cap and keep bottle upright 

squeeze bottle until desired amount collects in dosing chamber,according to how many litres of unleaded petrol you are using. See levels indicated on side of dosing chamber

remove closing and pour directly into the vehicle tank, DO NOT SQUEZZE,replace cap

proceed to fill vehicle with appropriate amount of unleaded fuel

Under the condition that V-Guard is dosed / applied according to above description the resulting anti wear effect to the exhaust valve seats is equal to the effect of lead, however with full environmental compatible combustion products.  


V-Guard does not create deposits in the fuel system.

V-Guard must not be used in cars equipped with a catalytic converter.

LCBA 300

The additive LCBA 300 is a full-package providing esp. detergency and anti-corrosion. LCBA 300 is foreseen to be added to gasoline in refineries and warehouses.

The development of LCBA 300 was primarily focused on the following issues:

  • ecology and toxicity of the product and its combustion products
  • minimize emission of harmful substances (HC, CO, NOx)
  • reduction of residuals in the motor and fuel system (improvement of maintenance of purity)
  • no negative influence of the additive package on catalytic converters and ë-sensor
  • compatibility with usual motor oils
  • positive influence on the operation of engines and on the drive behavior of vehicles
  • guarantees a constant operation of the engine when no gear is switched in by keeping it clean
  • impedes increase of octane consumption
  • is compatible with the most various qualities of gasoline, also with oxygen containing gasoline. (MTBE, methanol, ethanol)
  • compatibility with other common additives
  • anti-corrosive (protection of the whole system in contact with gasoline)
  • lubrication of the feed valve-shafts
  • stability when stored in warehouse
  • secure handling

   dosage:   full additising:            600 ppm (clean up effect)

                    technically efficient:  from 300 ppm up (keep clean effect)

ENGINE TESTS - Keep Clean Test results  for MB M 102, Opel Kadett and VW Polo are available on demand.

Please contact us for further details.


ADDITIVE LCBA 300 AW is a full-package providing esp. detergency, anticorrosion- and efficient anti-wear activities (exhaust valves).

This product is used under various names by major oil companies since years.

ADDITIVE LCBA 300 AW protects against valve seat recession too.

The picture shows the valve seat recession during three test phases:

           phase 1             without additive

                 phase 2             with ADDITIVE LCBA 300 AW

           phase 3             without additive

 The valve seat recession causes reduction of the tappet clearance down to zero. This may further cause valve- or motor damages and power loss.

  • ADDITIVE LCBA 300 AW is harmless to the environment.
  • ADDITIVE LCBA 300 AW provides  an improved cleaning effect at the valves as well as in the burning chamber.
  • ADDITIVE LCBA 300 AW is completely compatible with all in the trade usual fuel qualities.
  • Absolute no negative influence otherwise to the driving performance.
The above described  fuel package is also available without anti-wear components under the trade name ADDITIVE LCA 300.